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How are you using your Tinkerboard?
I have just purchased a mechanical
Keyboard for mine, makes a huge difference.
Web browsing on my tinker board is a joy, compared to my
Windows 10 PC which is always hogging the network looking for updates
I am using the TB as my main PC and installed almost all software's which i was using on Linux Mint PC.
Testing different OS available for TB by installing on another SD card.
I would like to use it with Volumio OS (ASUS Tinker Board and Raspberry Pi official 7" touchscreen LCD and HiFi Berry DAC+ Pro) but cannot use it because no luck to rotate LCD display on boot like on RaspberryPi SBC by adding "lcd_rotate=2" to the config.txt and cannot find anywhere where can I change it   Sad

Any suggestions?

This may work
I was planning to use my Tinkerboard as a chart plotter with OpenCPN and a GPS USB dongle, but I am having problems making OpenCPN work. Did a few compile runs before X-mas, but haven't had the time to revisit the project until now.
Running NextCloud 13 and Postgres booting from an external hard drive running on Docker and Tinker OS 2.04
global temperature calculation; just for fun
I use my Tinker board as a 'Emby media server' and my secound tinker board i use as a desktop computer.
I'm using it as low power NAS/seedbox/media player/simple couch web browser machine running Debian.
External USB HDD is connected via Y-cable. I'm powering it from 2.4A iPad power brick. Yes I need to be careful when HDD is under heavy load (torrent hashing, etc) not to stress board same time since according to HDD spec it can consume up to 0,9 amps. So far with normal everyday usage loads I haven't encountered any power problems.

I have managed to arrange perfect place for my low budget ghetto setup (pic below). HDD is located inside original tinkerboard box. I had some standoffs laying around which gave me perfect height to place tinkerboard directly into my Sony audio system exhaust vent flow. When I'm using tinkerboard I do not use Sony's smart features so exhaust from audio system doesn't heat up at all. No need for me to add another noisy fan. And as NAS Samba server even with heavy over the network copy action CPU frequency never goes above 1Ghz. No extra cooling required.

I'm happy with my tinkerboard so far. Only one issue nags me - I have not been able to get 5.1 DD/DTS passtrough working. 

[Image: 9v1hghH.jpg]
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Vehicle Dashboard, 
1) Tinkerboard
2) 10" Waveshare LCD {awaiting 12.3" 1240x480}
3) TunerStudio
4) Teensy 3.5 mcu as a demultiplexer {canbus + modbus => serial for tunerstudio}
3) Visuino

trying to figure out how to compile Tinycore for Tinkerboard to speed up boot time for the dashboard application
...working my way through the 1000+ ways things don't work to find the one that does...
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