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How are you using your Tinkerboard?
I've been hoping to use it as a low powered web server.

Unfortunately it's having trouble serving files (looking for help if anyone has any ideas).
i just got mine and am using it as a desktop. i will be installing some programs on it to run a small CNC engraver in the garage.
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I'm using lighttpd and PHP on TinkerOS to run a Web UI for my HDHomeRun DVR.

(01-11-2018, 09:50 PM)MontRayJak Wrote: I've been hoping to use it as a low powered web server.

Unfortunately it's having trouble serving files (looking for help if anyone has any ideas).

If I had to guess I'd say you probably have permissions problems. Maybe it would be better to start a new thread in the software section so as to not hijack this one.
(12-11-2017, 08:06 AM)Z80 Wrote: I'm using mine as my main PC.
It quicker than my windows 10 PC.
Plus Libroffice is great and free.

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

I've bought mine intending to use it to do stuff on the television without needing my laptop to hand. 

Playing videos on youtube would be very useful, and with the video acceleration it should work well. I'm hoping that I'll be able to play some other video content such as Netflix and IMVBox, but I'll see what happens when I try. I also like the idea of trying the Raspberry-Pi thing again. I bought the original Pi, but found it was just too slow to use. I was going to buy the Pi3, but after some research settled on Tinker. 

I also do a lot of programming, and hope to do same on the Tinker. 

I'm also going to look into images for retro-gaming, and also android as my supposedly 'smart' TV is now considerably out of date and an Android TV box would be very useful. But, I prefer to set one up through a device like the Tinker than to buy one off the shelf. 

I do use my Mac on the TV through HDMI, but it's a pain being cabled in. The Tinker should give me a usable Linux computer in addition to the laptop. 

To a degree, I decided that I wanted a Tinker, and now I will find uses for it.

EDIT: That may have been optimistic of me an hour ago since my Tinker wouldn't even boot. Change of power supply and it boots. Various struggles, and now it's connecting to WiFi, but I still can't get the wired network going on it. (Which I though would happen automatically as use a single DHCP server on our home network. At least sound worked first time, and I'm now watching youtube full screen. (New Order: Crystal)

EDIT: Oh, wired network now working after unbelievably  stupid error noticed.
Setting it up with ROS lunar for a robot (AlphaBot2 platform)
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Host PC for our CNC controllers
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(12-10-2017, 04:37 PM)n8xyn Wrote: My self I'm using mine as my Linux desktop.  My PC is a windows box because I have things I need to run that have no Linux equivalent.  But there are times where only Linux can do the job (at least easily) :-)

Just got a Tinker Board this past weekend and it is now the heart of an SDR Ham Transceiver. The Tinker Board is used with Quisk and a Softrock V6.3

You can see a youtube video of the board in action. Have run this same setup with a Pi3 --- Hands  down the Tinker Board is much better.

I have 4 raspberry pi's I use for a variety of functions, print server, pi hole, Kali for network monitoring. Wanted to put up a NextCloud instance for doc storage and thought the TB with its gig nic and extra gig of ram would do a good job.

It handles Docker, NextCloud, and Postgres just fine on Tinker OS 2.03.
(01-04-2018, 03:51 AM)B2887 Wrote: One has Lakka on it for retro gaming
Which OS version number do you use?
Which systems(snes, nes, etc) are running?
Which games(exact names pls) are running?
I use it as a desktop now ... or to watch youtube and netflix while tinkering with some of my ancient computers.

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