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Trying to make a usb webcam to work with Android
Hello community,

First of all, let me thank all of you for making these forums full of help for noobs like me, who are trying to go against the RPi flow.

So the back story is, that I am trying to make an Android based Skype box that my parents can connect to a TV with HDMI and video chat with me.

To that end I installed the android distribution provided by Asus, and attached a Logitech 310 usb webcam via USB. I then side-loaded the Skype app from

My problem:
The video works fine (as in I can see myself, and so can the other party), but I cannot make the microphone work. I can hear the other side through my TV speakers (via HDMI ),  but cannot get my voice through.

The native sound recording app (included in the Tinker OS android image) also doesn't detect/record any sound.

Is there a solution to this? I'm open and able to do stuff with adb, etc to hack into the system via command-line; just that I am at a loss as to what I need to do.

Additional info:
I tried plugging in an iPhone headset into the audio jack on the Tinker Board, and its microphone picked up my voice. I.e, I was able to call successfully. But I want a single usb cable solution to this!

I'm sorry about the font size guys, my mobile just went crazy!
Hi Tinky,
I am also trying to use my tinkerboard as a Skype box and I experience the same problem as you.
As you said you succeeded to run a Logitech C310, I purchased one...but it does not work either!
I am going crazy!

How did you install it? Specific Android app?

Regarding the sound acquisition, I saw on another thread that there might be an option in the developper options for using the USB instead the Jack:

Thanks for your reply
Finally the C310 camera works but not the USB microphone, like on yours.

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