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bluetooth and wifi work slow together
Did anybody check how bluetooth and wifi work simultaneously? It looks like pretty slow and laggy when I use bluetooth device. Even SSH session via wifi network feels slow.
There has been a ton of work going on on the mainline kernel to the "bluetooth coexistence" code, basically the software that makes sure the components aren't talking over each other. I would guess that the 4.4 kernel rtl8723bs used by ASUS/Rockchip is not very refined.
I dont think that "not very refined" quite describes it properly. It is unusable to be honest. Something as simple as playing music from my iPhone should go very smoothly and it stops and starts constantly. When I turn off the wifi if works better but not perfect. And to be honest, something as simple as playing music on bluetooth should work flawlessly. 

It worked perfectly on the Android OS so it is this Linux OS they have cobbled together that is the problem.
Audio playback via bluetooth is really choppy. Don't know is problem in kernel or in mentioned issue with A2DP profile in TinkerOS 1.8
Dear jph1589 , x86demon,

We can't reproduce the problem.
Would you mind to share the detail steps? ex: how to play audio via Bluetooth (YouTube, player)?
And what OS version & Bluetooth device?


Best Regards,
ASUS Tinker Board Team
Hi, Tinker Board.
Of course, steps to reproduce are very simple.
Preconditions: I have installed latest version of TinkerOS 1.9, connected headphones, Xiaomi Mi4 as audio source. Tinker board is connected to WiFi
Steps to reproduce:
- make tinker board discoverable for other bluetooth devices with bluez-manager
- pair audio source device (android phone in my case) with tinker board. Use tinker board as audio sink A2DP
- start audio playback on source device

- Sound is played by tinker board smoothly, like for example fir bluetooth headphones or when USB bluetooth adapter is used

- tinker board is playing sound, but it is choppy

Note, that I've used different audio sources: notebook, 2 different mobile phones and result was the same. There are no such issues with this sources when them are used with bluetooth headphones or with tinker board + external USB bluetooth 4.0 adapter.
Dear x86demon,

Could you try to change CPU governor, and try to test BT as audio sink again?

echo ondemand | sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/scaling_governor
sudo cpufreq-set -g ondemand

Also can change default governor by edit: /etc/init.d/cpufrequtils. And change interactive to ondemand.


Best Regards,
ASUS Tinker Board Team
Tinker Board, thank you. Seems this helped. Audio playback now smooth like with external bluetooth adapter

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