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Render problem in android version 7 (N).
Hi guys, how are you? So, I've been facing a very critical problem !, this problem doesn't happen to me in version 6. What happens is the following, after looking for you and reading a lot about the versions for the asus tb, I found that rendering in version 6 (M ) is made by the software and in version 7 (N) it is made by the hardware, it is in this version 7 that I am having problems with my software, which makes it very simple to reproduce a video playlist, however in the exchange of each video, it is happening a black screen an absurd delay between one video and another.
This does not happen in the official and unofficial version of android 6, so the difference between the versions is in the form of rendering of rockchip, which uses hardware in 7 and not software as in 6.
My question is how to get around this? how to have a version 7 with this problem solved? what do you suggest? does anyone get any version above 6 with rendering by
software? or some other solution?

Thank you very much
hi NightWalk,

I was just wondering, if this problem also happens when you use MIPI-DSI connected display?
is this a problem relating to HDMI connected displays, only?

I've been looking @ rk-kernel committed on 2019-05-16..
[HDMI] Enhance the HDMI compatibility of 1080p@60 and 4k@30

in.. drivers/clk/rockchip/clk-rk3288.c MODIFIED 
- RK3066_PLL_RATE( 297000000, 2, 198, 8),
+ RK3066_PLL_RATE( 297000000, 1, 198, 16),

I was thinking of putting it back to 
RK3066_PLL_RATE( 297000000, 2, 198, 8) 

also in.. arch/arm/boot/dts/rk3288-miniarm.dts 
setting.. regulator-min-microvolt / regulator-max-microvolt & regulator-suspend-microvolt to 1250000

just to see what will happen ;-]...

also looking @ anything committed on 2019..

seems there might have been some changes to u-boot also..

love to tinker 

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