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Installing JDownloader on Tinker Board S
Has anyone had experience or success on installing JDownloader on a Tinker Board S?

When using Tinker Board Debian OS V2.1.11, running the .sh downloaded from JDownloader's website, fails with error:

Quote:Error unpacking jar files. The architecture or bitness (32/64)

of the bundled JVM might not match your machine.

Tried installing different versions of JVM available in dpkg and apt to no avail.

Are any known solutions available to get it installed and running on a Tinker Board?
hi SentientTentacles,

I don't know what JDownloader is but..
tinker board is Rockchip RK3288 Architecture ARMv7-A (32-bit).. 
sooo.. maybe.. Install JDownloader on NAS and embedded devices.. 
got link from
Setting up a Raspberry Pi as a download station with the help of JDownloader2
hope it helps,
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hello k,

thanks for the quick reply. i'll try again this weekend and let you know whether it worked.
I used the methods detailed in the link from "Setting up a Raspberry Pi as a download station with the help of JDownloader2" to attempt to install the headless version of JDownloader.

Ran the commands in lx terminal which seemed to complete without issue, but afterwards an error message popped up

error messages shown below.

this window pops up first:

then the error message shows up afterwards:
[Image: B1Q51d6]

had to put in separate post since forum did not user accounts with less than three posts to add image
hi SentientTentacles,

sry.. cant open img links.. [[[....

also.. can snap run on Tinker Board Debian OS, / ARMv7-A (32-bit) ...
i found this.. JDownloader 2 on
looks like its for architecture amd64 [[[[...

maybe get docker to run on Tinker Board Debian OS, / ARMv7-A (32-bit) ...
found this.. jaymoulin/jdownloader 

google search for "docker arm jdownloader"

lots of fun... 
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hello k,
thanks for your reply and assistance.
after reexamining the above solutions that you provided, I managed to get jdownloader running on tinker board s using the method in this link:

it might be worth pointing out that when I downloaded the jdownloader installation file from the official website I originally did not notice that it was only for x86 architecture.
their website does not seem to provide installers for other cpus.

conclusion: it works

thanks again for your time and assistance

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