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Android software tested
I think it's a good idea if we share what apps work under Android and which don't.

I downloaded several apps from a spin off of AndroidPolice and the only 3rd party repo that I trust and some were old APKs that I had lying around.
I used the regular ARM (not ARM64) NoDPI version when there was a choice.

Working well:
Amazon App Store
Chrome (but no sync without Google Play Services)
Domination [RISK clone]
Kingsoft Office [now WPS Office]
Mupen64 Plus AE (Paulscode version side loaded from Play Store-the one from his website wouldn't map my controller)
Kodi (NoDPI ARM version from apkmirror)
PPSSPP (playable with turning the speed toggles on)
ES File Explorer (oldest version from apkmirror)
SNES9x EX  (latest version had a black screen-used 1.5.27 from and it works beautifully)
WPS Office (originally had problems, but now I think it was ES File Explorer causing my system to slow down)
TextMaker and PlanMaker [Document and spreadsheet editors]
RetroArch (I previously thought it just locks up, but I sheepishly realize now it needs controller input, not mouse in the GUI)

Not working for me so far or with issues:
Reicast (final nightly on the site from 2016)
YouTube (requires Google Services, but works fine in every browser that I tried)
ES File Explorer (current version is so loaded with crapware, I think it slowed the whole system down until I rebooted into safe mode)
Aces of the Luftwaffe, Build a Bridge, Can yo escape the 50 rooms 2

these all work quite well, sometimes they complain about google play services, but just ignore that

Aces of the Luftwaffe plays at a good speed, there must be some hardware graphic accelertion going on
Crazy snowboard game works well
Video here
ePSXe sideloads and runs great. FPSE has nags without Google Play services.
clash of clans works well
apkpure works only the search button, but it can installa millions of apps so it works, just partially and with shape of a smartphone and not fullhd.
Matteo Raggi
I am using TinkerOS_Android V13.11.0.5 beta
gPlay installed and rooted device. no errors in logcat Wink

Tinkerboard cooled down to 30°C by 180mm cooler (noiseless) makes sure that the SoC ain't underclock due heat.
All apps on its current versions:

What works:

- Retroarch (Works amazing!)
- Mupen64Plus FZ (Fullspeed)
- Rockstar Games: Bully (Mode: High, Best Shadows)
- Rockstar Games: GTA-VC(Mode: High, Best Shadows)
- Bioware: Jade Empire
- Hearthstone
- Ducktales Remastered
- Chrome
- Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner
- Link2SD Plus (Useful for external HDD obb-data)

Working partly:
- Every Gameloft Game (needs WI-FI connection or faked WI-FI connection via xposed to work)
- Mozilla Firefox (often blackscreen)
- Phone/Tablet Version of Real Racing 3 (Due it doesn't support game controllers) - However there is a Android TV Version that does support a controller if corretly mapped.
(09-13-2017, 03:05 PM)Traace Wrote: gPlay installed and rooted device. no errors in logcat Wink

Tinkerboard cooled down to 30°C by 180mm cooler (noiseless) makes sure that the SoC ain't underclock due heat.
Slightly off topic, but can you upload a picture of the cooling setup? I currently have a really noisy, tiny fan that is horrible to use. Am looking at how i can increase the cooling without increasing the noise.
Where did you connect the fan? Into the GPIO or the USB?
Confirmed two music playing programs with a video to demonstrate...

XMP, used for playing tracker music files such as MOD, S3M, IT, etc..

MODo, used for playing ripped video game music such as the Super Nintendo SPC format and the Commodore 64 SID format..

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