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TinkerOS Screen Flickering

I tired to solve this problem myself in the past weeks, but I have to give up. I hope anyone can help me.

I recently bought a Tinker board with TinkerOS Android to connect it to my TV and run Kodi on it. specs below.

But sadly, I have sever problems getting a stable picture. This happens in the android screen as well as in Kodi. I also tried running the Ubuntu distro, but I cannot get a stable WiFi connection under it.

The screen might flicker at random. Sometimes about every 1-2 second, sometimes 2-3 days pass without flickering. When it flickers the sound also pauses. Sometimes the screen also turns pink for a minute or so before changing back to normal colour. Before it flickers I often see horizontal lines run in the display, but they are not always present.

I can sometimes solve the problem by sereral connect/disconnect cycles of the HDMI cable. When I connect my Laptop to the TV everythink works fine. Sadly I have no other display to test the tinkerboard against.

From what I've read this could be a resolution problem of the Tinkerboard / OS with the TV.

I tried setting different screen resolutions (mainly via adb because actually using the system is a pain), but had no success. When I set the resolution to "auto" I get no picture at all.

The TV runs a resolution of 1366x768 pixel.

When I check via adb i get:

adb shell wm size
Physical size: 1920x1080
Override size: 1366x768

Override density: 72
Physical density: 240

From what I understand the density of my screen 48.97 PPI (, but I cannot set it lower than 72.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to improve it?

Thanks in advance


Tinker Board s

I checked for the OS with 

adb shell cat /proc/version

and got

Linux version 3.10.0 (jenkins@fdc-06) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jul 12 17:13:37 CST 2018

TV: Telefunken T32HD906S

  • Size in inch: 32
  • Height in Pixel: 768
  • width in Pixel: 1366
  • Refreshrate in Hz: 50
What about if you try a different monitor or TVset ?
You should find what is the preferred setting for your TVset. I can't help you much, I prefer to dodge Android Tongue
Perhaps you might look what xrandr says
$ xrandr -v
Light blue words might be a link. Have you try to click on them? Big Grin
I face Screen Flickering issue with SOME videos.
I always suggested it is a low power issue, or the movie is too heavy on the TB to decode.
why low power?! cuz I use usb external hard drive that has no independent power supply, and this issue happens only with heavy videos,
and I get low voltage message.

anyway, I will try to do a test to make sure.
I have this behavior when the power source is weak and can't stand the power requirements.

Worth checking.
so update after a long time.

I could sort of stop the screen flickering.

I changed back to Debian and by doing so I had the TB plugged in to another power outlet and had no issues.
Then I carried it to the TV and plugged it in the same power strip as the TV and the flickering started again.
Plug it back to another power outlet and everything seems fine for now.....

Maybe it could be a ground loop? But at the moment it works, and this is enough for me   Big Grin
Short update.

I've got a new TV and tested it again.

The rapid flickering stopped.

I'm getting the feeling, that the TV and the TB did not communicate well and one of the two (probably the TV) always changed the resolution....

With my new TV, Im still facing the problem with the power sources.........

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